1060 aluminum coil for transformer

1060 aluminum coil for transformer

What are the advantages of 1060 aluminum coil for transformer

1060 aluminum coil is a product with relatively large demand in the current market. Its technology is relatively mature and its price is relatively advantageous. The main thing is that the product has excellent performance, good elongation and tensile strength, which can fully meet conventional production. Processing requirements, high formability, 1060 aluminum coil also has high plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, good thermal and electrical conductivity, not only can be better used in transformers, but also widely used in billboards, buses Body, lamp holder, fan blade, kitchenware, heat exchanger and aluminum-plastic panel etc.

1060 aluminum plate (1)
1060 aluminum plate (1)

1060 aluminum coil for transformer can be customized on demand for free

1060 aluminum coils for transformers are complete in specifications and excellent in performance. They can be customized according to the actual production needs of customers, and can better meet various needs of customers. Mingtai Aluminum has a professional technical team to comprehensively analyze your actual production situation. We can reasonably recommend more reasonable production schemes. For details of specific product parameters, please refer to the following table:

Typical alloy 1060 aluminum coil
Material state O, H18, H22, H24 and so on.
Thickness (mm) 0.10-0.45
Width (mm) 100-2650
Length (mm) 500-16000
Typical products Power battery soft connection, aluminum plastic plate, lighting materials, capacitor shell, etc.


1060 aluminum plate (4)
1060 aluminum plate (4)

How much is the price of 1060 aluminum coil for transformer

Generally, there is no specific price list for 1060 aluminum coils for transformers in the market. How much is 1 ton depends on the manufacturers, product specifications, and market competitiveness. Each manufacturer’s strength, technical level, and processing technology will have certain differences. And the product specifications are diverse and the quotations are also different.

How much is the price of 1 ton of 1060 aluminum coils for specific transformers? You can consult the online store at any time. There is a sales manager responsible for 1060 aluminum coils for transformers to provide you with detailed preferential quotations. Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a direct sales model. Cheaper, excellent product materials, high technical level, exquisite processing technology, rigorous and scientific production, strict quality control, strict control of each link, layer by layer quality inspection, and passed quality system certification. Countries and regions, which are well received by users.

Professional manufacturer of 1060 aluminum coils for transformers of Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. Welcome friends who are in need to come and visit us for more product details and preferential quotations. You can click online consultation or call for detailed consultation at any time. We have professional managers. Answer your doubts in detail!

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