3003 aluminum honeycomb core material

3003 aluminum

Aluminum honeycomb core material is processed by aluminum foil and special honeycomb nodal glue on the aluminum honeycomb core production line. The factors that affect the performance of honeycomb core materials include 3003 aluminum foil, nodal glue, and specifications of the honeycomb core.

Aluminum foil should use 3003 grade

Aluminum foil should be selected as 3003 grade. The processing process should be strictly surface treated. In products with high requirements on strength or durability, the honeycomb core material manufactured by using 1100 aluminum foil should be used with caution.

Aluminum honeycomb composite material (also known as aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum honeycomb panel) is a composite material that uses multiple layers of aluminum foil and high-strength adhesive to stretch and expand into a regular hexagonal honeycomb structure after lamination.

3003 aluminum foil (2)
3003 aluminum foil (2)

The market demand for aluminum alloy honeycomb cores is also expanding and diversifying. It is widely used in architectural decoration curtain walls, furniture, automobiles, high-speed rail, ships, aviation, energy and other fields. The thickness is basically between 0.03-0.06mm, the tensile strength is required to be above 280MPA, and the elongation is about 0.03.

3003 aluminum foil is a common product of AL-MN series alloys. This product has rust-proof properties, the strength is about 0.10 higher than 1100, and the formability, weldability and corrosion resistance are good. Aluminum alloy honeycomb panels are used to process parts and components that require good formability, high corrosion resistance, and good weldability.

aluminum sheet and foil companies

Henan Mingtai Aluminum  is the top three aluminum sheet and foil companies in China. Its market share is in battery soft pack aluminum foil, medicinal aluminum foil, and honeycomb aluminum foil. Mingtai has 1.3 million square meters of large factories, which are manufactured in the aluminum processing industry. Four major production bases, total The production base covers an area of ​​more than 1.3 million, with an annual production capacity of 770,000 tons, and can be delivered within 10-30 days to meet your production needs.

Mingtai Aluminum  several advantages

As a manufacturer of honeycomb aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum has several advantages.
1. Large scale: two large-scale production bases, located in Gongyi, Henan and Zhengzhou, Henan, with more than 300 high-tech technicians.
2. Technology: fieldwork inspections, research and development by introducing advanced foreign technology.
3. Straightforward: factory direct sales, there is no middleman to earn the difference, buy it is to earn it.
4. Independent logistics: We can provide logistics arrangements, and customers can also specify their own choices

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