3003 h16 aluminum plate raw material price

3003 h16 aluminum plate

Aluminum-plastic board is a new type of decorative material. It is composed of multiple layers of materials. The upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum alloy plates. The middle is a non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board. There are 1100 aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, 5005 aluminum plate and so on.

Mingtai Aluminum supplies raw materials for the production of aluminum-plastic panels, complete alloy specifications and customized production. Recently, the business department has received good news. This month, it successfully signed an order for 3003h16 aluminum-plastic plate raw materials with a specification of 0.28 * 1260 * C. Then how much is the price of aluminum plate raw materials for aluminum-plastic plates in the market?

3003 aluminum plate (2)
3003 aluminum plate (2)

3003h16 aluminum plate manufacturer for aluminum-plastic plate

As the user consulted different 3003h16 aluminum plate raw material manufacturers for aluminum-plastic plates, they found that the prices of aluminum plate raw materials for aluminum-plastic plates are different. Why is that? In fact, the prices of different aluminum plate manufacturers will be different, which is affected by the following reasons.

  1. Differences in production methods: Aluminum plate raw materials manufacturers use higher technical content when producing products, and their performance is more prominent, and their prices will be slightly more expensive.
  2. Different materials and materials: The better the quality of the aluminum ingot used to produce the 3003h16 aluminum sheet for aluminum-plastic plates, the higher the cost, and the more expensive the price. Of course, the quality of the aluminum plate produced is better and the life is longer.
  3. Different thickness, length and width: The thickness, length and width of the 3003h16 aluminum plateused for aluminum-plastic plates directly affect its price quote. The price of ultra-wide plates is higher than that of conventional plates.
3003 aluminum plate (1)
3003 aluminum plate (1)

Learn about the 3003h16 aluminum sheet manufacturers for aluminum-plastic panels. What are the price factors? Which one is better to choose 3003h16 aluminum plate manufacturer for aluminum-plastic plate? Here we recommend Hemingtai Aluminum, why do you recommend this aluminum plate manufacturer? The reasons are as follows:

  1. The strength of aluminum plate manufacturers is strong: Mingtai Aluminum has been established for more than 22 years. The workshop scale, production technology, sales methods, and business philosophy have kept pace with the times and are constantly enriched. The business scope covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world. A lot of loyal users.
  2. Aluminum plate manufacturers have good sales and service: create the “Mingtai Aluminum” brand, put users first, provide users with high-quality products, and allow users to buy with confidence. Comprehensive sales service is responsible for each user to the end, one-stop service from pre-sale, during-sale, and after-sale, so that users can buy with confidence and peace of mind.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum plate, strip and foil raw material supplier. We are responsible for our customers and our products, and follow-up services from product selection, processing, production, sales and transportation to ensure product quality.

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