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High quality 5005 aluminum alloy for sale From China made

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Aluminum 5005 is similar with 3003 in strength. It has good welding and processing performance with medium intensity and good corrosion resistance. But its anodized oxidation film looks brighter than 3003.

Aluminum 5005 usually used as conductors, dashboards, cookwares, and architectural decorations, vehicle interior decoration materials and so on.
The features of 5005 aluminum alloy sheet:
1, low density, high tensile strength, high elongation, welding performance, not heat treatment to strengthen, only cold processing to improve strength;
2, Mingtai Aluminum production of 5005 aluminum, the use of continuous casting and rolling process, with good forming processability, corrosion resistance, welding, oxidation deep processing performance;
3, Mingtai Aluminum production of "1 +1" production line for the 5005 aluminum production scale to provide a strong foundation to further ensure the good performance of 5005 aluminum.
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