8011 aluminum foil VS 8021 aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil VS 8021 aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil both belong to 8 series aluminum alloy, but what is the difference between these two types of aluminum foil? Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., a large aluminum foil manufacturer in China, will give you detailed answers.

8011 aluminum foil introduction:

8011 is a series of aluminum plate, which belongs to the 8 ××× series alloy aluminum plate. It is added with Al-Fe-Si element, and its alloy performance has a higher advantage corresponding to more than 1% of the total alloy elements. 8011 is commonly used to make aluminum foil. Its performance is better than pure aluminum foil. It is widely used in aluminum foil, and aluminum sheet is not commonly used.

8011 Aluminum foil
8011 Aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil introduction:

8021 aluminum foil is one of the key products of Henan Mingtai Aluminum Company. The thickness range is 0.018mm-0.2mm, and the width can be controlled between 100-1650mm according to customer requirements. 8021 aluminum foil is the main food packaging and battery flexible aluminum foil. product. 8021 aluminum foil has excellent moisture-proof performance, light-shielding and extremely high barrier ability. Non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic. The laminated, printed, and glued aluminum foil is widely used as a packaging material.

8021 aluminum foil (3)
8021 aluminum foil (3)

The difference between 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil:

1, 8011 aluminum foil contains Mn and Mg elements, and 8021 aluminum foil does not contain these two elements, so the strength and corrosion resistance of 8011 aluminum foil is higher than 8021 aluminum foil;

  1. Aluminum foil 8011 has high strength, but the corresponding elongation and puncture resistance in the same state are lower than 8021 aluminum foil. Therefore, in pharmaceutical packaging, the aluminum foil coating on the back of the medicine pouch is mostly 8021 aluminum foil, and the seal More blister aluminum and tropical aluminum require 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil;
  2. The use of aluminum foil 8011 is more extensive. It can be used in many fields such as pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, lunch box material, tape foil, cable foil, milk cap material, bottle cap material, etc. The 8021 aluminum foil is relatively expensive and is mostly used for requirements. Relatively high lithium battery flexible packaging aluminum plastic film and blister medicine packaging.
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