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The advantages of aluminum alloy in automobile lightweight
- 2017-03-15 09:41 -
1. The effect of weight loss and energy saving is obvious. Aluminum has good mechanical property, and its density is 1/3 of steel. With thermal conductivity, good mechanical properties less than copper, 4.5 times higher than iron and the surface of the natural formation of the oxide film has good corrosion resistance, so the aluminum has become the preferred material for automobile lightweight.

2. Improving the comfort and safety of passenger. Aluminum alloy car is not to reduce the capacity of the vehicle to reduce the weight of the car. The gravity of body center is reduced, and the car is more stable and comfortable. Due to the absorption of aluminum can be good, there are obvious advantages in terms of security, the deformation of the front of the car in the collision zone will produce wrinkles, and can absorb a lot of impact, thus protecting the rear of the driver and passengers.
3. Aluminum is easy to recovery. In the use of the process of aluminum products, there is almost no corrosion or only a slight corrosion. The use of conventional materials in the industry, the recovery rate of aluminum is the highest. In the cycle process of aluminum, aluminum consumption is only about 5%, and the regeneration performance is higher than any kind of common metal.