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Characteristics of honeycomb aluminum sheets
- 2017-03-16 13:51 -
1, bear the weight of strength, rigidity
The ideal stress distribution of aluminum honeycomb sheets for shearing, compression and stretching. Therefore, the honeycomb itself also has the ultimate stress. The surface of the panel can be made of a thin material and the material has a wide range of choices, and the rigidity of the weight is high.

2, excellent insulation
The structure of the honeycomb aluminum sheet is composed of numerous small rooms, so the utility model can not be used for excellent heat insulation. Honeycomb Aluminum sheets and other materials have a higher level of insulation performance has its reason. Further in the interior of the filling of soft fire materials, then the heat insulation performance of a higher level.
3, high fatigue resistance
The structure of the honeycomb aluminum sheet is an integral structure of the raw material. To this end, there is no screw, the stress concentration phenomenon produced by the welding structure, and can maintain superior fatigue resistance, so the material can be used to close to the limit.