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The difference of quality and price of industrial aluminum profile
- 2017-03-16 13:53 -
Industrial aluminum profile is the aluminum rod through the hot melt and extrusion, thus get different cross-section shape of aluminum material. The production process of industrial aluminum profiles mainly includes casting, extrusion and coloring process three including oxidation coloring, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon coating, powder coating and wood grain transfer process.Surface treatments have the common electrochemical aluminum and electrophoresis coating aluminum.

How to identify high-quality industrial aluminum profiles? From the following three aspects of the test:
1 Oxide film thickness
Thickness is not enough, aluminum surface is easy to rust, corrosion. National standards for construction and industrial aluminum oxide film thickness shall not be less than 10um (micron). According to expert estimates, each reduction of 1um oxide film thickness can reduce the power consumption of 150 yuan per ton material.
2. Chemical composition
If mixed with a large number of waste aluminum, industrial aluminum profiles can greatly reduce the cost, but will lead to the chemical composition of industrial aluminum unqualified, seriously endangering safety engineering.
3. Specifications
Thickness distribution of roughly the same size drawings, as well as the cross-sectional size, width, center hole, but the wall thickness difference is very large, can also be quite different weight, each price is also a corresponding large gap.
4. Manufacturers
The raw materials of large aluminum material factory has a high processing cost than small manufacturers, processing fees can vary 2000-3000/ tons. Shrink 2-3 yuan / kg.
In recent years, with the level of industry, the aluminum industry is becoming more and more popular. Sales also showed diversity, price disparity. Unknown customers will only choose the lowest price of industrial aluminum sales company. This has forced some to insist on the quality of the first companies from lower raw materials and processing costs to ensure sales, market confusion is becoming increasingly apparent.