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Domestic aluminum sheet and aviation equipment
- 2017-03-16 13:59 -
Aviation aluminum sheet has a large profit margin, good market prospects. In recent years, the original production enterprises are in the expansion, and the original production of aviation aluminum sheet is also scrambling to enter the country, and formed a worldwide aviation aluminum sheet investment boom.
In today's consumption of aluminum in the world, the aviation industry is only the total consumption of 3.5%~3.8%. Although the amount is not large, but it is very important, its added value is also very large, so become the major Aluminum Inc competing production materials, but also a major investment materials. In the aviation industry in the consumption of aluminum in the quality of the sheet accounted for more than 80%. On the one hand, due to the absolute amount of sheet metal, on the other hand, due to the procurement quality and the quality of flight ratio is very large, especially the ratio of thick sheet amazing.

China is the world's aviation powers, and has advanced aviation equipment such as satellite carrier rocket, and various aircraft currently developed, it can be said that the rapid development of China's aviation industry is the main factor to promote the industry development of the aluminum strip.
Aluminum strip has the characteristics of low density and high hardness. It is an indispensable raw material for aviation equipment, aircraft and missile manufacturing. As for the precision and higher requirements of aviation aluminum is to promote the development of China's high-grade aluminum sheet with the main conditions. For the manufacture of domestic aircraft and satellite equipment manufacturing is the use of independent research and development of our own special aluminum sheet products. China will form a high-grade  aluminum alloy sheet as the representative to the middle and low aluminum strip for the pattern of fresh troops.