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1235 aluminum foil for radio frequency identification
- 2018-01-03 14:05 -
As a data carrier, radio frequency identification play an important role in our life, such as distinguish logo, tracking items and gathering information. 1235 aluminum foil is used in the antenna of RFID, RFID is a kind of communication sensor antenna, in general, a RFID transponder is made up of antenna and chip. According to different material and manufacturing process, RFID antenna divided into metal etching antenna, printed antenna, copper antenna, etc.
Here are the advantages of aluminum foil for RFID:
1.Has a strong mechanical properties, a high anti-blasting performance and a high tear resistance.
2.An excellent moisture resistance and lightproof, and a high barrier capacity.
3.Has a clean surface, uniform color, no variegation, no oil spots and pinhole.
4. Detected by bacteria, molds and other many other test , strict implementation of industry standards to ensure the safety and health of products.
Mingtai 1235 aluminum foil for RFID has a thickness range of 0.018mm to 0.2mm , we also can produce a thickness range of 100mm to 1650mm according to customers demand.
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