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How much is a square aluminum sheet?
- 2017-03-21 09:09 -
How much is a square aluminum sheet, which is in our sales process in the aluminum sheet was asked the most questions. Of course, customers can also call directly to the Mingtai aluminum (Consulting Hotline 400-960-1688) asked aluminum prices, Mingtai aluminum will give you the most accurate quotes.
As we all know that the price of aluminum ingots is changing, so the aluminum price will change accordingly. Therefore, according to the price of aluminum ingots and manufacturers of processing fees, the aluminum price can be counted. Due to the large quantities of orders are required to process the first two orders, so the middle of the cycle is relatively long aluminum ingot prices will have been changed, then how much money a square aluminum has become a problem. There are different pricing methods in the industry.

Aluminum how much a square in the customer and the manufacturers to sign a contract will be agreed. The practice of the industry is in accordance with the aluminum sheet on the same day the price of aluminum ingot. As the current aluminum ingot prices have been in decline, so this approach is more acceptable to customers. Mingtai aluminum is currently used in this way, in addition to the industry there are other valuation methods. For example, locking the contract signed on the same day the price of aluminum ingots, aluminum ingots or cycle to calculate the average, according to the different manufacturers to determine the billing.
The problem of aluminum sheet price is the first customers in cooperation with the manufacturers to determine how to calculate the price of aluminum ingots, and the rest is some of the more fixed factor.