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Mingtai aluminum to increase the intensity of new product development
- 2017-03-22 09:11 -
With the slowdown in the aluminum processing industry, a large number of aluminum enterprises are actively seeking, seeking transformation and optimizing the development. As a leading domestic aluminum processing enterprises, Mingtai aluminum is also true. In recent years, Mingtai aluminum continues to increase investment in science and technology, and ship sheet, tanker sheet, and mold aluminum as the main direction of development of a number of high value-added Aluminum Alloy products, to create greater value for the enterprise.
The product quality of Mingtai Al will be closely linked to market, strictly control the production process, and improve production efficiency. On the ship sheet, tanker sheet, mold aluminum sheet and other new products formulated strict operation procedure. The rolling, cutting and performance testing of the product to be strictly controlled to ensure the production of precision, excellent performance, quality products to win customer trust.

It is reported that, since the Mingtai aluminum into new products, many products in 5083 as the representative of the ship has stable production, sales gradually rise, further expand the market space. At the same time, the development of Mingtai 2xxx and 7xxx series super hard aluminum sheet has made the progress of the stage, the product in a number of provinces and cities in succession, and access to a number of stable purchasing intention of new customers.