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Mingtai aluminum create excellent quality of Marien aluminum sheet
- 2017-03-22 09:15 -
It is understood that in the current marine aluminum industry, aluminum is currently in the leading position. Looking at the achievements made by Mingtai aluminum industry, it indeed people's attention. Of course, this is with the advantages of aluminum is inseparable. It is because for many years in the field of Mingtai sheet continuous research and made today's achievements in ship.
In the thoughts of colleagues and clients, Mingtai is a winged horse. It is better than the industry level in all aspects of the advantages. Whether from the production equipment, personnel team, or ship quality, Mingtai aluminum has unique advantages.
1. the ship production standardization
Mingtai aluminum industrial base is located in the Central Plains of Gongyi City, which is the largest aluminum processing enterprises, and also an early start in the domestic a batch of aluminum foil enterprise. Mingtai Al has the independent plant scale factory, advanced equipment for aluminum and scale production ship. From this point alone, Mingtai is in front of other companies. What's more, Mingtai hired the international technical level of R & D experts, continuous improvement of the staff to learn. So the ship task from research to production, and are basically smooth.
2. high quality standard
Mingtai has always been to the quality of development, so is the ship market, Mingtai with strict requirements and high standards to treat all employees and products. In the eyes of Mingtai people, improving the quality of products is not only the magic weapon of enterprise production, but also a powerful weapon to win the market. So, Mingtai ship from design to construction, from packaging to distribution, it has a set of perfect service system to ensure the excellent quality of sheet.
Three advantages: complete service
Mingtai not only focus on providing customers with quality products, but also more strict confidentiality of customer information, customer service is very detailed. Mingtai people with a strict attitude, improves the details of the customer won the praise, and the production of the ship can be called fine aluminum. This is an aluminum processing enterprises, and is indeed commendable.
In this era of focusing on reality, we can see that the Mingtai people are active, fast forward, vigorous development. It can be said that the Mingtai hard sweat in the past they struggle, in the fierce market. We believe that the future of the ship market, must be vast Mingtai Al.