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Mingtai aluminum: strength promotes the rapid development of China's aluminum sheet and foil industr
- 2017-03-22 09:19 -
China needs to be made in china. In the domestic aluminum processing industry, Mingtai aluminum is a high-profile domestic leading large aluminum foil production enterprises. The main reason for the remarkable achievement is that the scientific research strength, first-class technical equipment and international marketing talents.
1. Deep exploration to build the flagship brand of aluminum processing industry
Manufacturing needs of science and technology, aluminum foil industry is also to the development of science and technology. As the leading enterprise of aluminum processing in China, the requirements of stability and durability of the products are very strict. At present, Mingtai is also constantly upgrading the scientific and technological content, to create more cutting-edge innovative products.
In the product line, Mingtai depth 5000 series, 6000 series aluminum core market development, and improve market share. To explore the 2000 series, 7000 series aluminum, aluminum strip into a comprehensive high-end market; the development of shipping shipbuilding market, international trade license. Through a number of tests, long-term exploration, and constantly enrich the product line, improve performance, lay the foundation for the development of the global market. With the introduction of a number of advanced equipment, the product experience will be upgraded again, Mingtai will gradually grow into China and the world famous brands.
2. Comprehensive security to build the Mingtai customer’s service system
In bulk aluminum processing trade, customer service as a marketing support system is particularly important. Because more comprehensive, detailed and attentive service to provide customers with the greatest convenience, but also easier to get market recognition, access to stronger competitiveness. Mingtai aluminum stable customer base over the years, customer service system is the most important reason for quality.