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Aluminum oxidation treatment technology
- 2017-03-23 08:59 -
Aluminum alloy anode oxidation has more, and can be used in daily life, that the characteristics of this process makes the surface of aluminum hard protection layer, and can be used for the production of kitchen utensils and other daily necessities. However, the effect of anodized aluminum is not good, the surface is not bright. The following is a brief introduction of aluminum oxidation process.
In the past ten years, the technology of aluminum oxidation coloring has developed rapidly in our country, many factories have adopted the new technology, and accumulated rich experience in the actual production. There are a lot of methods of Anodizing of aluminum and its alloys, which can be matured and developed.

Prior to the selection of oxidation process, aluminum or aluminum alloy material should be understood. Because of the quality of materials, the composition of the different, and will directly affect the quality of anodized aluminum products. For example, aluminum surface such as air bubbles, scratches, peeling and rough defects, after anodic oxidation, all defects will still be revealed. The alloy composition has a direct impact on the surface appearance of the anodic oxidation
In general, only the content of magnesium and titanium containing more than 5% of the aluminum gold, after oxidation, can be colorless transparent, bright and clean appearance.
In the choice of aluminum and aluminum alloy material, it is necessary to take into account the appropriate selection of anodic oxidation process. At present, China's extensive use of sulfuric acid oxidation method, oxalic acid oxidation and chromic acid oxidation method, in the manual, books and periodicals have been described in detail, and do not have to repeat.