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Mingtai aluminum: 5086 antirust aluminum sheet to the superior performance?
- 2017-03-24 08:38 -
Antirust aluminum sheet can show good corrosion resistance in air, water and oil. Antirust aluminum sheet is usually used in ocean and ship. Of which 5086 antirust aluminum sheet is the most important in the manufacture of aluminum alloy products.
5086 antirust aluminum sheet belongs to the 5000 series Al-Mg alloy, magnesium content is generally not more than 7%. The strength of the alloy increases with the increase of the content of magnesium, while the plasticity decreases. 5086 aluminum alloy is usually used in the state of annealing, cold working hardening or semi cold hardening. Because of the effect of magnesium, the density of 5086 antirust aluminum sheet is larger than that of other aluminum sheets, and has good corrosion resistance.
According to the content of magnesium, the antirust aluminum sheet can be divided into three categories: low magnesium content, medium magnesium content and high magnesium content. Among them, the low magnesium containing is not heat treatment strengthening. Low strength aluminum alloy has good weldability and superior performance in the marine environment. Magnesium content medium rust proof aluminum sheet general manufacturing process high plasticity, corrosion resistance of the pipeline, container, etc. The magnesium content of the antirust aluminum sheet is commonly used in ordinary welding pipes, liquid containers and other parts. 5086 antirust aluminum sheet belongs to the aluminum alloy products with low magnesium content and can resist the marine environment and climate.

5086 antirust aluminum sheet is a new type of aluminum alloy, which has bright market prospect. At present, many domestic aluminum sheet manufacturers are also concentrated in the development of this product market, increase production scale, and improve product performance. As the leading enterprise of Henan aluminum sheet and foil, the 5086 aluminum sheet of Mingtai aluminum not only passed the domestic CCS quality inspection, but also sold well in china. At the same time by the Norway Veritas certification, it won the international marine board "license", which means that the alpha aluminum 5086 aluminum sheet has passed the ship detection in the world to further open the international market, and improve sales and lay a solid foundation.