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Application of 6061 alloy aluminum sheet in automobile chassis
- 2017-03-27 08:43 -
Chassis is the main frame of the vehicle. The dynamic parts of all vehicles, including engine, axle, transmission, differential, and suspension systems are mounted on the chassis.
The role of the chassis is to support the installation of the engine and its components, assembly, forming the overall shape of the car, and accept the engine power to make the car movement, and to ensure normal driving. At the same time, a good chassis can ensure the safety of the driver's life.
The lightweight car is a big trend, namely the automobile lightweight and effective means of modern design method, optimal design and the use of new materials for automotive products, in order to ensure the automobile comprehensive performance index under the premise, to achieve weight loss, energy saving, emission reduction and comprehensive safety index.

Automotive lightweight has the following advantages:
1.    Lightweight. All aluminum is lighter than conventional steel above 100kg, and has the lifting power, fuel economy andhandling.
2.    Corrosion resistance. Durability is higher than steel.
3.    More secure. Aluminum absorption energy is two times than the general steel.
Automobile chassis occupies a large part of the overall weight of the car, how to ensure the safety of the body to effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle chassis material on the aluminum sheet has very high performance requirements.
6061 aluminum sheet is one of the advantages of aluminum products. Mingtai Aluminum research and development of the "1+1" hot rolling production line is specifically for the aluminum sheet of the 2000 series, the 7000 series, and the 5000 series of aluminum sheet and other high-end products in the production line of research and development. The 6061 medium and thick aluminum plate of Mingtai Aluminum is widely used in the field of automobile, aerospace, ship and so on, because of its excellent quenching performance and superior corrosion resistance.