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Notebook appearance material aluminum - 5052 aluminum alloy
- 2017-03-28 09:03 -
Office, learning, leisure, entertainment, are inseparable from the computer. Twenty-first Century is the era of Internet information, and convenient for us to bring a higher efficiency. According to the data show that in 2016, China's notebook sales reached 250 million units. As a few major notebooks, Apple, Lenovo, ASUS, ThinkPad, SONY, HP and DELL's sales accounted for half of the market. However, these enterprises on the technical requirements of raw materials and products are very strict, only to gain market trust and recognition. Notebook appearance of the 5052 aluminum alloy as raw materials, after spraying, laser engraving and other multi-channel process, shows a gorgeous appearance, and gets the favor of consumers.

The hardness of 5052 aluminum alloy relative to the 1000 series and the 3000 series is high, easy to color, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation and has other advantages, so in terms of processing fees to high point. Because 5052 has strong hardness, the use of notebook in appearance to ensure that the post consumer in the use of non deformation process that the characteristics of resistance to impact. 5052 notebook appearance with corrosion resistance, rust resistance and other functions, and ensure the life of the notebook will not be scrapped because of the appearance of damage.
5052 aluminum alloy is currently one of the most widely used alloy aluminum, but also because of this, Henan Mingtai aluminum is also constantly research new products to meet market demand, promote the development of aluminum processing field. Mingtai aluminum has been with apple, HP, Samsung and other outstanding enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation and development. In the face of such a large market demand, Mingtai aluminum aimed at the market, and attacked to the 5052 notebook appearance. The 20 years of production experience makes the establishment of a foundation for the industry to take the pace of transformation.