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The fender on the wheel of 6061 aluminum sheet is more secure
- 2017-03-28 09:05 -
With the continued growth of car ownership of all countries in the world, the energy crisis and environmental pollution problems in the world are more and more attention, and car manufacturers will have to reduce the fuel consumption and automobile exhaust emission limits as a target of the development of the automobile. Lightweight body is an effective way to achieve this goal, and lightweight body is an important means of lightweight materials used in the car. Among the few lightweight materials, aluminum alloy is more and more popular because of its unique performance advantages.

The car's fender can use 6061 aluminum sheet. Fender refers to motor vehicles and non motor vehicles on a panel (round top somewhat protruding, semi-circular pieces). While the panel, as the name implies, cover in motor vehicles and non motor vehicles on the outside of the shell. It conforms to the fluid mechanics, reduces the wind resistance coefficient, and makes the vehicle travel more smoothly.
The leaf board requires the use of materials that are resistant to weathering and good processability. At present, the front fender of a lot of cars is made of aluminum alloy, so that the utility model has the advantages of buffer and safety. The characteristics of 6061 Aluminum Alloy fully meets the requirements of the fender, Aluminum Alloy has good corrosion resistance, excellent machining performance, welding performance, stable mechanical properties, and automobile wheel cushion performance better, which makes cars more safety.