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The emerging aluminum alloy of automobile body
- 2017-03-28 09:08 -
For the car, in addition to saving, the whole Aluminum Alloy body weight can be pressed out the ultimate power and control performance. In general, in the case of constant power, the car is lighter, and the speed is faster, but also a sense of movement, while the curve of the roll will weaken. Under the same intensity, the car is lighter, and it will be more safety. The heavier of the body, then the inertia will be stronger, and the greater the impact of the accident will occur after the accident, the more serious the consequences of the accident.
Of course, Aluminum Alloy body also has many shortcomings, such as the cost of cars will be very high. First, because aluminum is more expensive, some aluminum alloy prices even more than gold, two of its production process is more complex, there are more technical difficulties. As a result, all aluminum body is basically the application of high-end luxury vehicles. So is the aluminum alloy body really that important?

1.    Application of aluminum alloy in automobile bodywork
One of the trends in automobile manufacturing is the use of aluminum and other materials to create large panels in the body to reduce vehicle weight, such as hood, roof, door panels. Such as Audi A6, Renault Laguna II, Peugeot 307 and Opel Victor C, their engine cover is aluminum. Renault Laguna II hood, roof and door panels are made of aluminum alloy. However, there are a lot of manufacturers to introduce aluminum alloy into the production of body parts, or even completely aluminum alloy to make the entire body, vehicles such as Audi A2, A8, Jaguar XJ, other manufacturers like BMW's 5000 series. Aluminum alloy used for the manufacture of structural parts and external panels.
2.    Advantages of aluminum alloy in automobile bodywork
There are many advantages and characteristics of the aluminum alloy in automobile bodywork, although these characteristics are not necessarily good, but the performances are more than the traditional steel body. It has many advantages not only in reducing the weight of the body, it is important to reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle handling.