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The traffic light weight selection of the Mingtai 5083 car body aluminum alloy
- 2017-03-29 08:34 -
With the development of the logistics and transportation industry, the demand for large trucks on the market is increasing day by day. Truck body is generally made of aluminum alloy sheet. In the past few years, a lot of truck manufacturing using steel sheet, but after a period of time, we will found that the steel plate is easy to rust corrosion, greatly shorten the service life of the truck. At present, the aluminum sheet is used to replace the prior steel plate on the market, and the aluminum alloy sheet has the advantages of good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent anti rust performance. In addition, the quality of the aluminum alloy sheet is lighter than that of the steel plate, because it is a good choice to use the body of the car.

5083 aluminum alloy belongs to Al-Mg-Si series alloy, which is widely used. The application of 5083 aluminum sheet belongs to the high-end field of aluminum processing industry. With the rapid development of domestic rail transit market and the arrival of the era of globalization, it has a huge market prospect. According to the market development of 5083 aluminum sheet and the demand of the light weight, the production of aluminum alloy sheet was increased, and the production process of aluminum alloy sheet was strictly controlled by 5083 aluminum alloy. It is very suitable for the aluminum alloy of the carriage body by the determination of the alloy composition, the optimization of the casting process, the homogenizing heat treatment and the rolling process test
Henan Mingtai aluminum production 5000 series products have a considerable experience, can produce good products, of course, and can not do without good equipment. Mingtai Company's production equipment is the world's leading, to ensure that the surface of the aluminum sheet does not appear defects, vibration marks, burrs and other defects. With the development of the car body market, excellent product quality has won the favor of the industry market, and Mingtai aluminum car body material coverage will be higher.