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Building 6061 Aluminum Alloy sailing boat mast with ingenuity
- 2017-03-30 08:46 -
There are many types of boats, such as yachts, ships, sailing ships, etc. Sailing boat is a ship that refers to the use of any material to control the wind. The so-called material is also referred to as the sailing ship, or can be called sail. Sail is usually quite soft material. When the wind is facing the wind, resulting in the wind and the leeward side of the pressure drop, resulting in a strong thrust, sails will be pulled to the side of the low pressure. When a sailboat needs to be turned, it is possible to control the strength of the side through the ship's bone and the ship's rail, so that the hull is slightly tilted to control the direction.
Some of the characteristics of the sailing boat is that the ship can only rely on the wind can go ahead, and do not have to install a large fuel tank and internal combustion engine (which is still there, but a lot less). This allows for a lot of space to store the water and food needed for the voyage, and the basic living space, so it can be a home on the sea.

At present, most of the materials used in sailing are made of 6061 alloy aluminum sheets, which can be used as masts and other marine accessories. The production of 6061 aluminum alloy sheet used in the production of aluminum and magnesium alloy, with excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and deformation after processing, easy coating, good oxidation effect and other excellent features. After annealing, it can maintain good operability. In particular, it has the tendency of no stress corrosion cracking, good weldability and good cold workability. Mingtai aluminum provides you high quality marine aluminum, and let you experience the endless charm of sailing.