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Mingtai 3003 aluminum alloy fuel tank to help car environmental protection and energy saving
- 2017-03-30 08:49 -
With the development of the national economy, the car has become an important means of transport. Under the market demand, the automobile manufacturing industry is booming. In response to the call of the national green environmental protection and energy saving, automobile lightweight has become a trend.
The automobile fuel tank made of aluminum alloy has become the first choice for automobile manufacturers. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and a good extension of the life of the tank, the time can be up to 25 years. In addition, aluminum fuel tank material has good weldability, is the iron and plastic materials do not have the characteristics, especially in the case of a strong impact will not be broken because of welding. At this time, ensure the safety of people and vehicles. Aluminum has the advantages of light weight, can reduce the weight of the body, and reduce exhaust emissions. And in the promotion of green environmental protection today, aluminum is also known as "green metal".

Henan Mingtai aluminum production of automotive fuel tanks are 3003 aluminum alloy, 5052 aluminum alloy, 5754 aluminum alloy and other alloys. The thickness of the thin material production tank for 0.2mm, the company product quality through the strict review of two stages of Beijing SGS certification, access to the TS16949 quality system certification certificate issued by SGS, custom car tank selection Mingtai aluminum