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The demand of 5052, 5754 aluminum keyboard material will break out in 2017
- 2017-04-01 09:18 -
With the popularity of the Internet, the number of Chinese Internet users survey data ranked first in the world. The information is the carrier of the phone and the computer, in order to facilitate the work, easy to carry. Laptop operation and health, coupled with the Internet to the mobile end of the migration, the trend of the mobile Internet world, it is not difficult to see the development of notebook manufacturing industry.

Laptop keyboard is made of aluminum. Because the density of aluminum is lower than other metals, it has the advantages of portability. Second, aluminum has a good oxidation resistance. Therefore, the notebook keyboard has good corrosion resistance and rust prevention function. Compared to the other metals, the cost of aluminum is relatively applicable. Aluminum keyboard material generally uses 5754 and 5052 alloy aluminum, and the aluminum alloy of the 5000 series is hot rolling aluminum alloy, the hardness is more than the 1000 series, and the 3000 series is hard. Therefore, the use of notebook ensures that the appearance of the keyboard will not deform. In addition, aluminum has good color function, the appearance of the keyboard can be based on customer preferences, customize the colorful colors, and is loved by consumers.
Aluminum keyboard material has such a large consumer market demand, and aluminum keyboard material is also very strict quality requirements. Therefore, to meet the computer manufacturers of aluminum processing enterprises is also a handful. Henan Mingtai aluminum products through the SGS issued by the TS16949 quality system certification and international well-known computer manufacturer HP have also established a good relationship. In such a large market demand, aluminum keyboard material of Mingtai aluminum also ushered in a new development opportunity.