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Effect of trace elements on mechanical properties of PS plate
- 2017-04-01 09:21 -
Offset printing is the main way of contemporary printing, and PS Version (including the CTP Edition) is the necessary plate for offset printing. Aluminum sheet is the main raw material of PS production, which accounts for about 80% of the cost of raw materials in the production of PS.
When the content of Mn increases to the limit of solubility (1182%), the strength of aluminum plate will increase continuously.
PS plate with aluminum alloy containing a certain amount of Mg, and can improve its strength and toughness. Generally w (Mg) =0.05% ~ 0.3%, When the content of Mg is less than 0.05%, aluminum sheet can not meet the required strength and toughness, in the printing of the printing or printing is easy to break the phenomenon. However, such as more than 0.3%, although the intensity has increased, but in the printing part of the non easy to dirty on the surface, and the flatness of the roll board is also difficult to control.
Cu can improve the hardness of aluminum sheet. Zn has an obvious strengthening effect on aluminum plate, which improves its hardness.

Of course, the control of trace elements in aluminum base is based on the premise that it is beneficial to the quality of electrolytic oxidation, and then take into account the mechanical properties of the trace elements in the base plate has a certain impact on the mechanical properties of the PS version.
The PS, CTP of Henan Mingtai can be free coloring, tasteless non-toxic, non fungal growth, rigid, insulation, printing and other advantages. A large number of domestic and foreign printing and dyeing factory has a good cooperation. Mingtai PS, CTP sales accounted for half of China. Mingtai aluminum has such impressive results and the quality that are inseparable of the strict control of the Mingtai.
Henan Mingtai aluminum production mainly 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series and 8000 series products, in 2005, it began to produce the series of PS, CTP version of the base. We have a good technical team and excellent product quality, and occupies an important position in PS, CTP version market of China.