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Analysis on practicability, hedging and cost performance of tank car aluminum sheet
- 2017-04-01 09:27 -
As an important logistics vehicle, tank car is widely used in the automobile transportation industry. At present, the main is steel tank transport. With the development of automobile lightweight, aluminum alloy tank car has gradually replaced the steel tank car. Why do you choose the aluminum sheet as the body material?

1. The quality of aluminum tanker car light
Tanker aluminum sheet has only 2.71g/cm3, and the same volume of aluminum alloy is almost only the weight of steel 1/3. The application of aluminum alloy in tank car has greatly reduced its weight.
2. Tanker aluminum corrosion resistance
Aluminum alloy than steel can not be compared with the corrosion resistance, the use of aluminum alloy manufacturing tanks, the interior does not need to be coated with any protective layer can transport a variety of liquid or liquefied petroleum gas. Because the aluminum alloy tank has a good corrosion resistance, so as to ensure cleaner oil.
3. High recovery value of aluminum tanker
Aluminum has a strong corrosion resistance, in the tank after the mandatory retirement, aluminum alloy tank and no great damage, and can be recycled.
4. Tanker aluminum sheer good conductivity, energy absorption performance and more secure
When the collision occurred, because of the good conductivity of aluminum alloy, very little static electricity gathered in the tank, it will not produce sparks, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents such as explosion.
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