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Mingtai Aluminum Industry attacked ship aluminium sheet market
- 2017-02-19 13:12 -
In 2016, the global economy was contrarian move. As a famous international leader of aluminium sheet and aluminium foil, Mingtai Aluminum Industry understood the environmental situation, restructuring, transformation and upgrading. From southern Guangdong and Fujian, to the north of Shandong and Henan, the company have signed the order of ship aluminium sheet with many provinces and cities, and open a new situation for the 2016 domestic shipbuilding market.
Hunan, Hebei, Shandong, Fujian and other places, relying on local water resources, have a lot of shipbuilding enterprises. Several parts of these places succession from Mingtai Aluminum Industry have purchased 5083 ship sheet, 5086 ship sheet, 5754 aluminium sheet and other products since 2016. A Hunan ship enterprise specially came to visit Mingtai Aluminum Industry, expressed a strong interest on the development of Mingtai Aluminum Industry and ship products and signed the first order of 30 tons on the spot.
To provide customers with better quality products is the persistent pursuit of Mingtai Aluminum Industry. Adjusting the direction, promoting the transformation and upgrading is the company weapon in the fierce competition in the market, It is designed to produce the Mingtai ship in this concept. The company uses the perfect technology from generation to generation to interpret the connotation of innovation and technology to ensure the excellent products, quality brands, and bring the greatest protection for customers. Therefore, the products are sold well in the world.
At the same time, Mingtai Aluminum Industry also focused on the development of the international shipbuilding market, and launched cooperation with many parts of Southeast Asia and North America companies. These results benefited from the well-known overseas brand, perfect service system, and thoughtful customer service. The intangible brand value of Mingtai has won the praise of many customers.
In the new year, economic development is bound to undergo a new test. But in the long run, it is also an important year for various industries to enter the decisive stage. We should be down-to-earth to understand scientific planning and development, and continue to build the quality of the brand to challenge the new market.