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Aluminum alloy mobile phone body——a piece of aluminum technology trip
- 2017-04-06 08:54 -
In recent years, Apple's mobile phone industry has been the benchmark, leading the trend of the development of mobile phones. Apple has been using iphone5 from the beginning of the use of aluminum alloy body, because of its light weight, high temperature, beautiful, metallic luster gorgeous. And aluminum alloy is easier to recycle, with the Apple Corp's environmental philosophy is more fit.
IPhone 6 is used in the 6000 series of aluminum metal fuselage, but because of the strength of the 6000 alloy is not enough, there have been bending phenomenon. So the iPhone 7 uses the 7000 series aluminum metal body of higher level. The content of 7000 series aluminum alloy is mainly zinc, but also has a small amount of added magnesium and copper, Aluminum Alloy hardness closer to the hardness of steel, which means the iphone7 body is not easy to bend, and has the higher hardness.

The "technical Tour" of aluminum sheet is a kind of degreasing, electrolysis, activation, coloring, sealing, sand blasting and CNC, and the perfect combination of all techniques can make the perfect mobile phone. Science and technology have unlimited possibilities, so they create the charm of science and technology.
The research and development of aluminum 7075 aluminum sheet is the aerospace high-end aluminum sheet, and the application in the mobile phone shell can provide better strength. Mingtai aluminum strong scientific research team and first-class technical equipment provide you the excellent performance aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum is willing to invite you to share the charm of science and technology to drive a better life.