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Why different aluminum sheet manufacturer have different offer?
- 2017-04-06 09:05 -
In the market to buy aluminum products, the general will consult the domestic aluminum manufacturers. However, there are some differences between different manufacturers for the same product offer. Especially for some higher value-added, more stringent process of aluminum products, the price gap is greater. In recent years, such as aluminum foil manufacturers to force the new market of aluminum sheets, there has been a big difference in the market price. So how does this happen?
First of all, there is a direct relationship between the price and the price fluctuation of aluminum sheet. At the same time to the same manufacturer to consult the same product, the price may fluctuate. This is because in the case of unchanged processing costs, aluminum plates per ton price will fluctuate along with the aluminum ingot. Secondly, the production ship manufacturers, each manufacturer has its own equipment costs, labor costs and other factors, affecting one ton of product cost control. Such as the production of a large manufacturer of rigorous and small workshop type enterprises, even if the product type is similar, but there is a big gap in terms of cost. All of these factors affect the cost control of aluminum sheet manufacturers.

In the face of various ship quotation products, how do we choose? Specifically, we should grasp the three principles. Has the ship certification 1 choice the manufacturers which have the ship certified. For example, domestic ship manufacturing CCS China Classification Society certification.
2 choose the comprehensive strength of the manufacturers, can be viewed from the domestic aluminum manufacturers ranking, select several products in line with the requirements of the consultation.
3 choose to improve after-sales service of large manufacturers. Because the bulk ship value is very high, after delivery if quality problems arise, the purchaser will suffer great losses. If there is a perfect after-sale protection system, then you can minimize the loss of customer purchases. And perfect after-sale system is also the advantage of large manufacturers.