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Mingtai 3003 H18 aluminum sheet can be used to make aluminum honeycomb board
- 2017-04-07 08:32 -
As early as 100 years ago, people used the kraft to make paper honeycomb which was used in the packaging structure, in order to improve the stiffness of the box, compression strength and reduce the level of vibration. The rolling Aluminum Alloy and large width of aluminum foil, the honeycomb core material is improved to a new level, stretching, aluminum honeycomb core compression and shear strength has been greatly improved, especially in motor vehicles, and will soon be used in aircraft.
The honeycomb material made of 3003 H18 aluminum sheet has the advantages of light weight and high strength. In 50s, aluminum honeycomb panel was mainly used in the field of aviation and spaceflight. In the plane of the radar cover, all movable rudder, aileron, floor, bulkhead partition, ceiling, luggage and so commonly used in this sandwich structure. With the progress of science and technology, technology maturity, and building a single product, large volume and other characteristics, so that the aluminum honeycomb panels cost greatly decreased, and began to be used in the construction field, to the middle of 90s is mainly used for building exterior decoration curtain wall sheet.

Mingtai aluminum introduce world-class foil rolling mill, using the Ander Rich type roller, provides a guarantee for the realization of high-quality aluminum foil. In the process of producing 3003 H18 aluminum sheet, the processing quality, texture, crystal structure, composition and so on are strictly controlled. The honeycomb material made by the invention has the advantages that the wind resistant performance of the honeycomb material is much better than that of the aluminum sheet and the aluminum veneer, and the utility model has the advantages of easy deformation and good flatness, and even the size of the aluminum honeycomb curtain wall sheet is very large, and the utility model can achieve a very high flatness.