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2017 aluminum sheet is widely used in aerospace and war industry
- 2018-01-02 15:12 -
2017 aluminum sheet is the first series 2xxx alloy for industrial applications, it has a high intensity and  a good machinability, but a poor corrosion resistance. High hardness is the feature of series 2xxx, and copper is the highest metal content, about 3% to 5%. Series 2xxx belongs to aviation aluminum, so it not often used in conventional industry.
2017 aluminum sheet is the typical product in aluminum-copper-magnesium alloy, has a good comprehensive performance, it can be used as a working part under 150 ° C, and widely used in rivets, general machinery parts, ship, traffic, structure element, etc.
The "1 + 1" wide, thick aluminum production line of Mingtai Aluminum put into operation in July 2015, 2011, the model number of 2014,2017, 2A11 and others are testing produce, series 2xxx has  a good machinability, a large intensity that easy to processing, a low density that apply for light structural materials, Mingtai series 2xxx alloy products will gradually enter the high-tech fields of aerospace, automotive manufacturing and other.
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