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Uncover the mystery of the whole aluminum automobile body
- 2017-04-08 08:50 -
The concept of "all aluminum body" has become a reality in the automotive industry, but there are still many people do not understand the concept of "aluminum body". All aluminum body does not mean that the body is all made of aluminum alloy material. The "body" in the all aluminum car body is the body frame structure of the body, also called the "white car body"". The body cover is generally refers to the door, front and rear cover and wing, and other parts of the vehicle surface.
"All aluminum" refers to the white car body material are aluminum alloy. The doors, engine hatch cover, tail box cover are steel. At present, the 100% aluminum alloy production of all aluminum body in the production car does not exist. Steel, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, these are currently used to make the main body material. Aluminum alloy has great advantages compared with ordinary steel. Aluminum body frame structure, creatively the steel and aluminum two materials into one, to ensure a more dynamic drive. Improve the stability of the acceleration ability also greatly enhanced. This layout achieves excellent body stiffness and good crashworthiness, and significantly reduces the weight of the body. The stiffness is increased by 60%, the solder joint is reduced by 40% and the weight is lighter. Whether it is flexibility, safety, or stability are outstanding.

5754 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing. It is a typical alloy in Al-Mg alloy. 5754 Aluminum Alloy sheets of different heat treatment condition is the automobile manufacturing industry (car door, mould, seals), main materials used for canning industry. 6061 aluminum alloy sheet has thickness of 2, 3, 4mm, and is used for the chassis of new energy vehicles, or automotive lightweight chassis protection.
Henan Mingtai aluminum set up in Xingyang, and established Zhengzhou Mingtai Traffic New Materials Company. In the process of continuous practice, in order to promote the cause of China's automobile enterprises lightweight process, and constantly provide quality materials for the majority of automobile manufacturers to realize aluminum material crossing from the common aluminum material to the high end and the fine end.