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Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy furniture
- 2017-04-08 09:07 -
With the development of modern industrial technology, the aluminum alloy furniture is a new type of furniture. The use of aluminum alloy furniture, because the intensity is relatively high, very close to the strength of high-quality steel. And aluminum alloy furniture good plasticity, processing is very convenient. The appearance of aluminum alloy furniture is very popular with young people. It has a unique personality and unique artistic beauty.
First, the advantages of aluminum furniture:

1 green
Now the biggest advantage of aluminum furniture is green. With the development of the metal industry, now the metal material from raw materials to be extracted to the use of processing, and then eliminated, will not cause waste of resources to the social environment, as well as the destruction of the ecological environment. Therefore, the biggest advantage of aluminum furniture is green, and reusable, high utilization of resource products. There will be no general furniture formaldehyde problem.
2 fire proof
Compared with our panel furniture, solid wood furniture, the aluminum alloy furniture has the characteristics of fire and moisture. Therefore, the second major advantage of aluminum furniture is not only to withstand the test of fire, reduce losses. Also has the effect of moisture, very suitable for Southern china.
3 diverse functions
Aluminum Alloy furniture, metal furniture, general in the production process will be made of metal plate high strength. These Aluminum Alloy furniture after a series of bending processing, can meet the functional requirements of many aspects of the.
Second, aluminum alloy furniture shortcomings:
Aluminum alloy furniture as a whole is hard to be a lot of people feel very bad point. Because the general metal furniture the original material is a kind of hard metal, its physical properties determine the Aluminum Alloy furniture firm, so many people is because of the texture of the problem will be shut out. There is also a shortage of aluminum furniture is a big sound, a single tone, and can not meet the requirements of the majority of consumers on the furniture style and choice.