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The construction quality of aluminum alloy elevator is reliable
- 2017-04-10 08:43 -
Aluminum alloy elevator is based on various types of aluminum alloy structure components. For an aluminum alloy elevator, if the height of the 100m as an example, the height of the erection of the 2/3 part of the aluminum can be said to be the cost of the lift, the remaining part of the 1/3 is its profit part. If so, the profits of aluminum alloy lift are increased with the height of the erection. If from the top to the bottom of the entire height of the use of the same standard section of the main chord, which is bound to increase the economic input, but also from the whole structure of the stress state, it is not desirable.

According to the structure of the load, dangerous section position, height and optimization selection of different height and different nominal size standard main chord section, it can greatly enhance the economic benefits of Aluminum Alloy lift. The whole erection height can be divided into two or three sections, and the nominal size of the main chord of each section can be reasonably selected according to the stress state. If the development of a series of height, it can make the production of domestic aluminum alloy standardization, generalization and serialization of possible. Different height, the standard section of main chord piecewise rational selection of different nominal size not only makes small profit margins are improved, and the environment of the building color improvement, beautify the building site can also play a certain role. It is very important to improve the speed characteristics and improve the speed characteristics of the aluminum alloy elevator with the maximum rated load. Today's high-rise and super high-rise buildings continue to increase, improve its speed characteristics is particularly important.