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Properties of pure aluminum of Mingtai Aluminum
- 2017-04-10 08:49 -
Aluminum is currently the most widely used electronic radiator materials. The properties of aluminum are well suited for the manufacture of radiators. It had good thermal conductivity and low price.
Aluminum is a very light metal with a density of 2.71 g / cm of about  1/3. Aluminum thermal conductivity and good electrical conductivity, when the aluminum section and the length of the copper phase at the same time, the conductivity of aluminum is about 61% copper, if the same weight, aluminum and copper in different sections (of equal length), conductive ability of aluminum copper is 200%.

Anti atmospheric decay is good, because its surface is easy to form a dense alumina film, can prevent the further oxidation of the internal metal, aluminum and concentrated nitric acid, organic acids and food can not react. Aluminum is face centered cubic structure, industrial pure aluminum high (or =80%), it is easy to bear various kinds of forming process, but its strength is too low, the sigma B is about 69Mpa, so only by pure aluminum or alloy cold deformation strengthening to improve its strength, it can be used as structural materials;
Aluminum is a non-magnetic, non sparking material, and the reflection of good performance, which can reflect visible light, can reflect ultraviolet radiation; impurity aluminum in the silicon and iron, when the impurity content is higher, its conductivity, corrosion resistance and lower plasticity.