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Introduction of 7075 aluminum alloy and its application in mobile phone industry
- 2017-04-10 08:58 -
Type 7075 alloy was developed by Alcoa Corp for the Second World War plane. It is used to make large bombers and fighters. Before 1954, the brand was 75S. In July 1954, it was registered in the United States Aluminum Association, to a unified four digit number 7075.
7075 is one of the largest amounts of aerospace aluminum alloy, and type 2024 alloy tied for the top two aerospace aluminum alloy. For example, C919 fuselage stringers, passenger observation window frame, fuselage stringers, keel beam flanges, keel beam webs, floor beams, turning the rear fuselage stringers and cargo door frame and head stringer flange, and door frame are made of 7075 different alloy materials. It can be said that without the support of the 7075 type aluminum alloy can not create such a high value and lighter, more comfortable, fast passenger aircraft.
A wide variety of electronic products, aluminum is also a wide variety of styles vary. Electronic products have a large production, and have a rapid replacement. Aluminum is widely used in the production of mobile phone body and electronic product shell, and now almost can not find no aluminum products.

In the future there will be more domestic mobile phone using 7xxx alloy thick plate as the body material. But now the sheets are produced by Alcoa Corp, and the import price is up to 70 thousand yuan per ton, which is about 3.9 times than the price of 3000 series alloy.
7000 series alloy cell phone body alloy plate processing technology is much more difficult than 6000 series alloy sheet. The ability to successfully solve these problems will become the key to the promotion of the application of the alloy sheet in the domestic mobile phone.