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The high strength 5754 aluminum sheets of Mingtai Aluminum become the first choice of shared bicycle
- 2017-04-11 08:37 -
Bicycle sharing is for people to travel convenient, fast and affordable. Nowadays, the state advocates environmental protection and emphasizes the reuse of resources. Therefore, we can see that most of the bikes on the market are made of aluminum alloy.
The advantages of 5754 aluminum sheet of sharing bicycle:

1.5754 aluminum alloy sheet has high strength and no need to worry about the safety of the bicycle bearing.
2.5754 aluminum alloy sheet is light, and the same volume of aluminum is lighter than steel, so the main structure of the bicycle parts such as wheels and frame are made of 5754 aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy 5454
3.5754 aluminum alloy sheet has good plastic, beautiful and generous.
As can be seen from the above, the use of aluminum alloy bike is made from the quality of the car, or from the user experience above, all finished steel bicycle.
Mingtai aluminum industry in the domestic aluminum processing industry is rich in experience, production equipment is now a listed company. We continue to focus on the study of new materials, in response to the state for environmental protection, haze governance and resource reuse. The application of aluminum alloy to bicycle is just a pilot project for the light weight of the group. In the future we will be more in-depth cooperation with the major domestic enterprises, aluminum alloy will be more used in automobiles, aircraft, ships and other fields.