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Aircraft aluminum market will usher in a new era
- 2017-04-11 08:42 -
At present, Boeing Co. announced that they would develop a hybrid air plane, and this is undoubtedly good news for the market in the processing of aluminum industry of Mingtai aluminum. The same volume of aluminum alloy is much lighter than steel, aircraft in order to achieve hybrid, then the aircraft on a variety of materials have to maximize the use of aluminum alloy. According to our experience, for aircraft parts, the commonly used aluminum alloy is 2000 series and 7000 series of aluminum alloy, such as 2A12 aluminum alloy, 7075 aluminum alloy and so on. 2000 series and the 7000 series aluminum alloy have zinc and magnesium, which is the best strength in the common aluminum alloy.
The physical and chemical properties of 7075 aluminum alloy sheet decide its position in the field of military industry, aerospace industry and tanker industry. The 7075 is known as the most excellent products aluminum alloy. It has high strength and better than any steel. The alloy has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction.

1.    High strength, heat treatable alloy.
2.    Good mechanical properties.
3.    Good usability.
4.    Easy to process and good wear resistance.
5.    The corrosion resistance was enhanced by T7351 state.
6.    High strength materials for high pressure structural parts.
The lightweight of aerospace equipment will be the trend. Mingtai aluminum currently has a military production research and development, for the study of lightweight aluminum substrate we have been working hard. At present, we can produce all aluminum products from 1000 series to 8000 system. Mingtai aluminum can also be in accordance with your needs to produce the characteristics of the type of aluminum alloy.