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The application of 7075 aluminum alloy in the aircraft frame
- 2017-04-12 08:53 -
Aluminum alloy is widely used in aircraft structural parts. This is because aluminum alloy has light weight, high strength and easy to process which meets the requirements of the aircraft in the design of materials with high specific strength and specific stiffness, and reduces the weight of the aircraft structure. The 7075 aluminum alloy produced by Mingtai Al has good processing performance and is easy to form.
Aircraft frame is the fuselage of the aircraft longitudinal framework, is an important component of the fuselage, the general frame and the strengthening of the sub frame. Common frame is to maintain the shape of the cross section of the fuselage, usually designed as a ring frame, on the skin and support the role of long truss. Reinforced frame with large openings at both ends of the fuselage, besides having the general frame function, will also be able to load mass force loading and other parts of the joint to focus on the body structure to spread to form shear flow to the skin.

7075 aluminum sheet is a heat treatment of high-end aluminum alloy. In recent years, with the development of innovation, accelerate the upgrading of the industrial structure of the concept, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment, research and development of new processing technology. The 7075 aluminum sheet has good mechanical properties, high strength and good corrosion resistance. It can be used in the frame of the aircraft to meet the quality requirements of the aircraft.