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Solar photovoltaic support selects 6061 aluminum sheet
- 2017-04-14 08:34 -
Solar photovoltaic support is a special support for solar photovoltaic power generation system in order to put, install and fix the solar panel. General material is aluminum alloy, stainless steel. PV support products are divided into floor, roof, wall, portable, etc.. Due to the characteristics of aluminum alloy solar photovoltaic support beautiful, lightweight and durable, the current market share has exceeded steel bracket. The main aluminum alloy material of solar photovoltaic support is 6061 aluminum alloy. Available in 6061 aluminum sheet requires a certain strength, weldability and corrosion resistance of high industrial structure, such as truck, tower building, ship, car, railway vehicle and furniture with tubes, rods, profiles etc.

The unique design structure of the solar powered support makes the components can be adjusted according to the different regions, so as to make full use of the local solar energy resources to achieve the maximum efficiency of the solar module. At the same time on photovoltaic module connection force, material selection and analysis to support load analysis and practice in detail, which has good seismic and wind resistant, anti snow, corrosion resistance and other physical properties, the application of photovoltaic components in extensive region.
6061 aluminum sheet from the physical and chemical characteristics, compared with the traditional steel, solar photovoltaic bracket is more beautiful, not easy to corrosion, while taking into account the lightweight characteristics of aluminum, installation is more convenient. To support solar long-term exposure to outdoor, but also with the sun angle at any time according to different regions and the steering angle is adjustable, which can make full use of local solar energy resource, power generation efficiency can reach the maximum solar energy components. So the requirements for the portable and practical requirements are high. 6061 aluminum solar stent has good seismic and wind resistant, anti snow, corrosion resistance and other physical properties, and can be widely used in the more fields.