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Green food packaging aluminum foil of Mingtai Aluminum
- 2017-04-14 08:45 -
Aluminum foil is very common in our daily life, and is a kind of tool made of flattened aluminum. It is mainly used for cooking food in the kitchen, carrying food, or making materials that can be easily cleaned. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil are used around the world for the protection and packaging of food, cosmetics and chemicals. Aluminum foil in the field of food packaging plays a huge role, aluminum foil is easy to recycle, the use of aluminum foil packaging green is environmental protection and sustainable development.
Mingtai Aluminum packaging aluminum foil has many advantages:
1, can withstand low temperature (minus 50 degrees), but also can withstand high temperature (up to 121 degrees);
2, good oil resistance and strong fragrance;
3, the barrier performance is excellent, barrier air performance is strong, oxidation resistance, waterproof, moistureproof;
4, heat sealing performance, high flexibility;
5, non-toxic tasteless, health and safety in line with national health standards.

Aluminum foil packaging for food preservation provides a solution, so that we can enjoy and taste the original taste. At the same time, the extension of the preservation period also avoids the waste of food, food packaging aluminum foil not only make our life more convenient, more care for our environment and promote the development of green economy.
The production of aluminum foil in accordance can reach national standards, and the excellent quality wins the trust of customers. At present, Mingtai aluminum for food manufacturing enterprise 8011-O aluminum alloy packaging foil, with first-class equipment and top equipment, ensures the food packaging foil printing effect and mechanical performance, improvea product performance and heat resistance of packaging technology, and perfect transportation system let you worry free,