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6061 aluminum sheet can be made into healthy and beautiful cake mold
- 2017-04-17 08:50 -
What kind of material used to mold the cake? In general, anodized aluminum mold is the best, cheap and no coating and no harm to the body. Due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminum, heat is also uniform. From the point of view of the use of the extensive, aluminum are widely used. And it is durable and not as heavy and fragile porcelain. Although the market also has silica gel material, but the silica gel mold is soft, not easy to be separated from the mold, in general, and aluminum baking mold is better.
6061 aluminum sheet is one of the advantages of aluminum products. The "1+1" hot tandem rolling production line, which is independently developed by the company, is a production line for the research and development of 6061 aluminum sheets, the 2000 series, the 7000 series, the series of aluminum sheets, etc.. The production process of 6061T6 aluminum sheet is far more than the peers, can produce 0.6mm thickness of the sheet, and has the characteristics of good oxidation effect, after processing the deformation is small, uniform quenching. The production of cake molds is no better.

Customers on the 6061 aluminum sheets generally have the following requirements: the requirement of the sheet thickness tolerance is small (usually a positive tolerance); hardness should be to standard (HB in more than 95 degrees); deformation after processing to be small; flatness is better. And Mingtai Aluminum can well meet the needs of customers.