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Common problems and causes of 5052 aluminum sheet
- 2017-02-25 13:32 -
5052 aluminum sheet commonly used in the appearance of electronic parts or accessories, which is widely used in aluminum products, but the production has a number of common problems, such as aluminum sheet surface defects.
The problem of the oxidation of color, black silk, sand holes and other issues of 5052 aluminum sheet oxide is how to produce and what is the reason?

There are many reasons of black silk of 5052 alminium sheet, for example, like affiliated machine rolling oil drops on the poor management, the pressure is too large or too large in surface tension caused by indentation. If you go down the thin material rolling, these dark marks will become more and more thin and form the formation of dark or black line, sometimes it is even unclear whether oil or mark, even on the surface can not see the color difference. But after oxidation ,it is very obvious. For the customer, affirmation is to refuse if they see the inconsistent phenomenon appearance. After the oxidation, the emergence of black silk is one of the most deadly results. Once this happens, there is almost no room for survival, the loss and consequences are irreparable.
The second problem is the color difference. Generally used to make the appearance of the product, color difference is not to be. Any customer is unwilling to accept a similar "two shameless" products. To eliminate these problems, it is necessary to rely on the source column to control.
Sand hole is generally the internal structure, because of impurities in cast billets or vapor not removed, or other elements did not stir and other factors, so we should control the source of ingot casting.