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Yacht material: aluminum alloy or glass fiber
- 2017-04-19 09:01 -
Yacht is a kind of high-grade durable goods for marine entertainment. At present, aluminum alloy and glass fiber is the most commonly used materials for the production of yachts. Two kinds of materials have their own characteristics, which compared to what kind of material will be more advantageous?
The service life of the aluminum alloy ship is much longer than that of the glass fiber boat. Due to the short service life of fiberglass boat, only from the appearance can not conclude that the internal structure is damaged, and even some developed countries for imported fiberglass boats are ship age limit, and no such restrictions aluminum alloy ship.
Aluminum alloy ship can save maintenance costs. Aluminum alloy will be oxidized to form a layer of hard protective film, the characteristics of the aluminum alloy ship has a certain degree of self repair ability, the general scratch will not bring great damage to the surface. Aluminum alloy hull spray paint is just beautiful function. In contrast, fiberglass boat is very delicate.
Aluminum Alloy hull is lighter, saving flight cost, in size and structure strength under the same Aluminum Alloy ship is less than half the weight of the glass fiber board, the lighter hull also let Aluminum Alloy ship more fuel-efficient, mobility and manipulation of relatively well, and fiberglass boats will win in more stable. Aluminum boat is more green environmental protection. Aluminum recovery rate is high, and the glass fiber can not be recycled, must be handled by a special person, the general method is to be buried with the garbage or crushed into powder to add asphalt on the ground. And aluminum alloy ship depreciation in general, in the secondary market is better than glass fiber ship.
Aluminum alloy material has the advantage of glass fiber can not be on the yacht. 5000 series alloy and 6000 series Metal Sea grade alloy, internationally recognized and widely used. Mingtai aluminum production of 5083 aluminum sheet and 5086 aluminum sheet have passed DNV GL certification, the company equipment in aluminum alloy sheet manufacturing and technology, and will develop a more broad market prospects for the company, the formation of a new profit growth point.