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The field of application of 6063 aluminum sheet
- 2017-02-25 13:40 -
6063 aluminum sheet is one of the most commonly used aluminum sheet in the 6000 series aluminum sheet. The 6000 series aluminum sheet is an extruded alloy with Al-Mg-Si element added. At present, more than 70% of the aluminum extrusion processing material in the world is made of the alloy of the 6000 series. The common state of 6063 aluminum sheet includes O state, T4 state, T6 state and T651 state. The alloy of T651 state is formed after stretching and eliminating internal stress on the basis of the T6 state, which is more suitable for processing molding.
With a wide range of applications ,6063 aluminum sheet can be used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries. Aerospace in 6063 aluminum sheet can be used for the production of aircraft fuselage, frame, chassis, rotor, propeller, oil tank, wall, landing gear strut, the rocket and spacecraft forged ring wall. Transportation in 6063 aluminum sheet not only can be used for car body structure material, such as automobile, subway vehicle, railway passenger car and high speed passenger car, but also can be used for automobile door and window, goods shelf, automobile engine parts, air conditioner, radiator, body plate, wheel hub and ship material. Packaging industry in 6063 aluminum sheet can be used for aluminum cans which mainly in the form of sheet metal and foil as a metal packaging materials, cans, caps, bottles, barrels, packaging foil. 6063 aluminum sheet for printing is mainly used in the production of PS version for automatic plate making and printing.
Mingtai Al is a professional aluminium sheet manufacturer of 6063 aluminum sheets, the production of the aluminum sheet of the 6063 good gloss, good corrosion resistance, adequate strength, excellent processing performance and welding performance. The company’s 6063 aluminum sheet can be used in various fields. In the automobile manufacturing, raw materials can be used as vehicle parts manufacturing, and can be used as a tank body material; in the field of building decorative plate, corrosion resistant plate not only can be used, but also deep processing.