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The new trend aluminum industry - car aluminum body
- 2017-04-21 10:11 -
For the car, in addition to fuel-efficient, lightweight aluminum alloy body can squeeze out the ultimate power and control performance. In general, in the case of the same power, the lighter the faster the car speed, but also more sporty, while the corner of the corners will be weakened. While at the same intensity,  
the lighter the car weight is, the secure of the car will be. The heavier the body is, the stronger the inertia will be, the impact of the accident after the impact will be greater, the more serious consequences of the accident.
Of course, aluminum alloy sheet body also has many shortcomings, such as repairing cost will be very high. First, because the aluminum itself is more expensive, some of the price of aluminum alloy even more than gold, the second is just mentioned, the production process is more complex, there are more technical difficulties. And therefore, all aluminum body is basically in the luxury high-end vehicles on the application. Then the aluminum body is really so important?

1.      The Application of Aluminum Alloy in Body Manufacturing
Now a trend in automobile manufacturing is the use of aluminum and other materials to create large panels in the body panels, to reduce vehicle weight, like the hood, roof, door panels; Vehicles such as Audi A6, Renault Laguna ii, Peugeot 307 and Opel V, their hood is aluminum, Renault Laguna ii hood, roof and door panels are made of aluminum. However, there are many manufacturers of aluminum introduced to the body structure of the production, or even completely use aluminum to create the entire body, the vehicle like Audi A2, A8, Jaguar XJ, and other manufacturers like the BMW 5 series, aluminum used to make the front of the body structure pieces and external plate pieces.
2.      Aluminum alloy in the manufacture of the advantages of body
Aluminum alloy in the new body has many advantages and characteristics, although these features are not necessarily good aspects, performance over the traditional steel body, it has many advantages not only in reducing the weight of the body, it is important to reduce fuel consumption, to improve the handling of vehicles.
Aluminum outer layer of alumina has the following characteristics:
When the aluminum metal exposed to the air, it will be directly with the oxygen in the air should be formed to form a thin layer of dense alumina film, blocking the further oxidation, so that aluminum has a good passive protection of this layer of oxide melting point of up to 2050 ℃, in the welding operation need to remove this layer of oxide, if you do not remove this layer of oxide, welds will exist pores and impurities and other defects.
Aluminum has a good rigidity, a certain thickness of the plate used in the body, you can manufacture the vehicle and part of the board.
Aluminum has a high energy absorption performance; it can become a manufacturing body deformation area of the ideal material to increase the passive safety of the body. The opacity of ultraviolet light, impermeability to water and gas, no odor and no toxicity make it a non-polluting material and a recyclable environmentally friendly material.