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Aviation demand for aluminum continue to promote the development of aviation aluminum
- 2017-04-22 10:38 -
Relevant data show that the current global aerospace aluminum alloy plate is estimated at 78 million tons, forecast by 2020 global aviation aluminum will reach 1 million tons. In 2015, China's domestic aerospace field with aluminum plate about 50,000 tons, if the growth rate of 15%, by 2020 the domestic demand for aerospace aluminum about 100,000 tons. As the world's leading aluminum processing product R & D manufacturers, China Mingtai Aluminum in the field of aviation with aluminum for many years, mastered the core technology, the future development of space is very broad.
Aluminum is one of the most important metal materials for aerospace equipment manufacturing. The specific strength and specific stiffness of aluminum alloy sheet are similar to steel, but its density is low, and the same strength level can provide thicker material. Better to become a classic aircraft structural material. High strength aluminum alloy has the advantages of low density, high strength and good thermal processing performance. The plate, extruded profile and hub are widely used in aerospace components.

At present, the world's aviation aircraft structure with aluminum alloy is mainly high-strength 2 Series (2024,2017,2A12, etc.) and ultra-high strength of the 7 Series (7075,7475,7050,7A04, etc.) and ultra-high strength of the 7 series (7075,7475,7050,7A04, etc.), in addition to some of the 5 series (5A06), the main body of the world's airplane structure is mainly high-strength 2 series , 5052, 5086, etc.) and 6 series (6061,6082, etc.) and a small amount of other series of aluminum. Mingtai Aluminum offers you a full range of aluminum alloy products for aerospace.
Strength of Mingtai aluminum:
1.      Technically leading technology
"1 + 1" hot-rolled production line - for the high-end aluminum alloy tailor-madeproduction lines, advanced technology and equipment, mature technology, production of aerospace aluminum performance;
1.      The strength of the world famous
China's largest private aluminum processing listed companies, users around the world more than 50 countries and regions, some products, the domestic market share of up to 50% or more, ranking first in the industry;
2.      Strong scientific research strength
The province's first academician workstation, 313 technical research and development team, casting fine aerospace aluminum alloy;
Mingtai Aluminum as the largest aluminum foil with private enterprises, quality assurance, welcomed the new and old customers to inquire, Tel 0371-86628262, Mingtai wholeheartedly at your service.