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The reason why new energy vehicles choose 6082 aluminum sheet for body material
- 2017-05-08 11:20 -
As the rapid development of the automotive industry, 80% of China's automobile manufacturing enterprises began in the automotive technology and materials to buy a lot of research and development, especially in the field of new energy vehicles, mainly in the country in energy conservation and environmental protection, is a strong support , It is in these areas to promote, some manufacturers began to study how to make the weight of the car, because the body's weight will generally consume 70% of the fuel, so the weight of the car is now a lot of manufacturers focus.

The aluminum sheet itself has a light title of non-ferrous metals, the advantages of aluminum is its light weight, good wear resistance, strong corrosive, good toughness, excellent anti-collision performance, and then forming a good shape, recycling and other advantages of a high value, Resulting in the aluminum plate to become the preferred material for automotive lightweight.
6082 body with aluminum performance advantages:
1, plate and size of high precision, good welding performance;
2, high strength, high formability, high corrosion resistance and high surface treatment;
3, the use of single-sided polishing, surface finish high, high security, energy absorption buffer obvious advantages;
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