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Advantages and Characteristics of Aluminum for Automobile
- 2017-05-25 09:19 -
Alloy used in the car, both significant energy-saving effect of weight loss, but also in line with safety and environmental protection and the development trend of automotive materials, with significant economic and social benefits. As the weight of the car body in the vehicle plays a decisive role, so the development of high-performance and distinctive car body plate is the process of lightweight car in our country an important part.

At present, there is no large-scale application of aluminum alloy in the automobile body of our country because the price of aluminum alloy is about 2 times higher than that of ordinary steel and the pressing of aluminum alloy steel is more difficult than ordinary steel plate. These two problems plague the use of aluminum alloy sheet for automotive body applications. But with the continuous development of science and technology these problems will be a good solution.
First, the improvement and progress of smelting technology will increase the productivity so that the unit price of aluminum alloy will continue to decline and the world's governments and people's environmental concept gradually increased and thus will strongly require the car manufacturers to change the technology and cost to adopt more aluminum alloy.
Secondly, for the aluminum alloy sheet stamping performance is not high on the one hand through the material science research to rationalize the optimization of the alloy elements in the ratio, through a reasonable ratio between the elements and the interaction to improve the overall performance of the alloy, on the one hand can improve the process such as heat treatment process and rolling process to improve the aluminum alloy sheet stamping molding capacity.