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Mingtai 8021 aluminum foil for your healthy food consideration
- 2017-05-26 09:34 -
China's take-away market has sprung up, led to the rapid development of food packaging industry, and "aluminum foil lunch box" with its material light, high barrier, anti-ultraviolet, moisture and long shelf life and other characteristics, can better keep the food freshness and moisture , More in line with the modern concept of environmental health more and more by the fast food take-away market operators of all ages.
Aluminum foil packaging for food preservation provides a solution, so that we can enjoy and taste the original taste. At the same time, the extension of the preservation period also avoids the waste of food, food packaging aluminum foil not only make our life more convenient, more care for our environment and promote the development of green economy.

"Aluminum foil lunch box" is a one-time aluminum lunch box, it is a new type of food distribution containers, compared to other materials, lunch boxes, which has a light material, high barrier, anti-ultraviolet, moisture and corrosion and long shelf life Characteristics, but also because aluminum can better keep the food freshness and moisture, more in line with the modern concept of environmental health.
The production of aluminum foil in accordance can reach national standards, and the excellent quality wins the trust of customers. At present, Mingtai aluminum for food manufacturing enterprise 8021-O aluminum alloy packaging foil, with first-class equipment and top equipment, ensures the food packaging foil printing effect and mechanical performance, improvea product performance and heat resistance of packaging technology, and perfect transportation system let you worry free,